All undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 128 credits; some degrees require more credits. Individual program requirements are included on the applicable department page of this catalog. Additionally, all undergraduates must meet a minimum 2.00 overall grade point average (GPA), a minimum major GPA of 2.10 (except for Education majors who are held to a 3.00 minimum GPA), and, if applicable, a minimum 2.10 minor GPA. Calculation of a major GPA includes all courses taken within the major and courses cross-listed within a major. 

Diplomas are made available to students for pick up approximately three weeks after the actual graduation date, provided that all University obligations have been met. If the diploma is not picked up by the student, the Registrar's Office will mail it to him or her via certified mail. A signature indicating receipt of the diploma is required for successful delivery.

In those rare instances when a student has not met all degree requirements, but for whom a change to the academic record is received by the Office of the Registrar within one week following the graduation, the student will be considered for the earlier graduation. The effective date of the change must be on or before the actual date of the graduation. Changes received later than one week beyond graduation will not be considered for prior graduation but will be part of the next graduation cycle.

Only students who have completed all graduation requirements, including, but not limited to, course work, credit requirements, GPA minimums, residency requirements, and the like, will be allowed to participate in Commencement.