Undergraduate Developmental Courses

Undergraduate Developmental Courses

Developmental courses are defined as those that have pre-college-level content. Students are required to enroll in and successfully complete developmental courses that are specified as a result of the placement testing process. These courses are designed, and required of the students who place into them, in order to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in college-level work. Such courses carry institutional credit only, will not be used to satisfy degree requirements, will not be counted in the computation of the student’s semester or cumulative grade point average, and will not be counted toward the total number of credits needed for graduation. However, successfully completed developmental courses will be considered in the calculation of

  1. credit standing for priority registration,
  2. credits earned for freshman athletes, and
  3. credits completed for the determination of academic probation and eligibility for academic dismissal.

Students who successfully complete developmental mathematics will earn grades of “A” through “C-”; “D” grades are not used for developmental courses.

Students who are required to enroll in developmental courses, all of which carry the course number “050,” must satisfactorily complete their developmental course work within one year following their initial registration. Students who, on the first attempt, make satisfactory progress but do not complete all course requirements will receive a grade of “R” (see “GRADING”) and are required to re-register for that course during the following semester. Students who do not make satisfactory progress in developmental courses will receive a grade of “F” (see “GRADING”), are required to re-register for that course during the following semester, and are on academic probation until the course is successfully completed.

Students who have not passed required developmental courses by the end of the second semester will be subject to review, and possible dismissal, by the Academic Standards and Review Committee.