Minor programs are designed to let students pursue a guided course of study in an area outside their major. Minors normally require at least one-half the number of credits of the major. Courses transferred into Monmouth University may apply toward the minor, but at least nine credits must be earned at Monmouth University. A 2.10 minimum grade point average is required in the minor.

Once a student declares a minor, his or her academic program will be modified to include the minor. The Registrar will record the minor on the student’s transcript only after the student has completed the minor and has satisfied all requirements for the appropriate baccalaureate degree. Students with a declared but incomplete minor at the time of completion of their major will not graduate unless written notice is received by the Office of the Registrar to delete the minor. The written notice must be received no later than ten (10) days prior to graduation.

Students cannot minor and major in the same discipline. A student's minor must contain nine (9) or more credits distinct from the student's major requirements and any additional programs (e.g., a second minor). This does not include interdisciplinary requirements of a student's major, which may be applied to the student's minor in another discipline. Credits required as part of a concentration are not considered distinct credits. Other restrictions might apply. To review Minor program requirements please navigate to the applicable departmental page in this catalog.