Academic Procedures

Academic Procedures

Scheduling Information

Fall and Spring Semesters

Monmouth University schedules on-campus classes year-round. During the fall and spring semesters, in addition to the traditional schedule of daytime classes, Monmouth also offers non-traditional students other scheduling options. Courses are available in the evening and on weekends.

Summer Sessions

Summer sessions provide a comprehensive program of day and evening courses and special workshops for Monmouth students and students in good standing at other colleges and universities. Summer session programming also provides a taste of college life and a head start for high school students who have completed either the junior or senior year. Because of Monmouth’s location near the shore, summer sessions are well attended by visiting students as well as Monmouth’s own students.

The University offers five regular summer sessions. The maximum course load for summer school is twelve (12) credits.

Students enrolled at other institutions should receive approval from that institution for courses for which credit is desired. Students must meet all course prerequisites. Admission into the summer program does not constitute acceptance into the University’s regular programs.

Campus recreational and dining facilities are available to summer students. Residence halls will be open to resident students during the summer. Inquiries regarding summer sessions and applications for admission should be addressed to the Director of Admission.

The Monmouth University Student Portal, myMU

All currently registered and deposited Monmouth students have established student accounts for use in schedule preparation, grade and transcript look-up, and academic audits and should login to the student portal, myMU, to become familiar with this account so they can retrieve their academic information. Questions concerning the account can be answered by the Help Desk (732-923-4357), or by utilizing the documentation and tutorials that are linked from the student menu. Examples of information obtainable online include:

  • Instructions and Links (e-FORMS)
  • Personal Academic Information (Grades, GPA, Schedule)
  • Registration (Academic audit, Search for Courses, Prerequisite Worksheet)
  • Graduation (Apply to Graduate)
  • Financial Information

WebAdvisor is available for general use to view the Schedule of Course Offerings. “Search for Courses” is not restricted by User ID and password and is accessible to all users. Currently enrolled students can submit academic requests to departments and to the Office of the Registrar through e-FORMS. WebAdvisor functions are being transitioned to Colleague Self-Service. If you are unable to locate the option you are looking for, please check Colleague Self-Service or the myMU portal.

Withdraw from the University

Students who intend to withdraw from Monmouth University and plan not to return are requested to notify the University by completing a “Total Withdraw from University” e-FORM. Provided the e-FORM is received by the “W” deadline date (see academic calendar), students will be withdrawn from the current term; otherwise the total withdraw will not be effective until the next regular term.