The Washington Center

Monmouth University is affiliated with the Washington Center that provides semester and summer internship programs in Washington, DC, for all majors. Internships in the capital that combine on-the-job experience with academic study are available in the White House, Congress, the courts, cabinet-level agencies, think tanks, professional and trade associations, print and electronic media, financial institutions, law firms, with lobbyists, high-tech industries, museums, theaters, advertising agencies, and market research firms. The Monmouth University liaison to the Washington Center is Dr. Joseph Patten, Political Science Department, Bey Hall.

An internship course number will be assigned for use by any department wishing to place interns. Specific application of credits to degree requirements will be approved by the department chair and school dean in advance of enrolling. Students register for fifteen credits: twelve for the internship and three for the academic course. Students who successfully complete the Washington Center Program automatically satisfy the experiential education requirement.