Dual Majors

Students wishing to simultaneously satisfy the requirements of two degree programs should observe the following guidelines:

  • The “Change Program Major” e-FORM should be used to declare intent of satisfying the requirements of two degree programs.
  • The official curriculum for each degree program is the curriculum in effect at the time of declaring that particular degree program.
  • The student is responsible for coordinating the course requirements of the two curricula and should seek appropriate advising in both departments.
  • The student will receive one diploma stating both major programs if each program is associated with the same degree; if the degrees are different, two diplomas will be issued. The fact of the dual majors should be declared before the time of the application for graduation.
  • A student's major must contain eighteen (18) or more credits distinct for each degree program and any additional programs (e.g., a minor)
  • Students following dual programs must complete both programs to graduate.