Graduate Courses for Undergraduates

An undergraduate student at Monmouth University who has an outstanding academic record may apply for permission to take graduate courses while completing the work for a bachelor’s degree. Please review the requirements listed below before submitting a request:

  1. Students must have an overall GPA of 3.0.
  2. Requests are subject to approval by the graduate program director and are subject to course availability and program policies.
  3. Students must submit the “Undergraduate Request to Take a Graduate Course” e-FORM requesting that the course apply to either the current undergraduate program or a future graduate program.
  4. Students seeking course substitutions for graduate coursework from the stated undergraduate degree requirements of their academic program should consult with their academic advisor. If the advisor recommends a substitution, the “Substitution of Undergraduate or Graduate Program Requirement” e-FORM will be submitted to their respective department for review.
  5. Depending on the individual program and degree, credits in excess of 150 may count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree if the plan sequence chart allows it and it is approved by the graduate program director, undergraduate major chair, and dean of both the undergraduate and graduate degree. The total credits of both degree programs must be equal to or greater than 150. A minimum of 120 credits must be applied toward an undergraduate degree, and a minimum of thirty (30) graduate credits (higher in some programs) must be applied toward a graduate degree.