Undergraduate Admission

First-Time, First-Year Applicants

Admission to Monmouth is based upon many factors. Recognizing that each student is different, Monmouth makes every attempt to ensure that its selection process is as fair to each student as possible. The admission process is need-blind, i.e., a family’s ability to pay for college is not considered.

Admission to the University is at the discretion of the Admission Committee under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Undergraduate Admission. The applicant pool for fall admission changes each year; admission guidelines are established based upon the applicant pool and strategic objectives of the University. Factors considered in the application review process include the high school transcript with focus on cumulative grade point average and rigor of course work, standardized test scores, letter(s) of recommendation, essay, activities/work experience, community service, and leadership roles. (The Committee reserves the right to make admission exceptions on the basis of the student’s overall application and potential for success at Monmouth University.)

Admission Requirements

A candidate for admission is required to:

  1. be a graduate of an accredited secondary school or the equivalent;
  2. have completed sixteen (16) Carnegie units to include the following: four units of English, three units of mathematics, two units of social studies, two units of science, and five additional units of academic electives chosen from the following areas: English, social science, science, humanities, foreign languages, and mathematics; and
  3. satisfy the University’s requirements for grade point average and standardized test scores (SAT or ACT).

The application deadlines for first-time, full-time students are as follows:

The application deadline for early action is December 1. Early action is a nonbinding program geared toward students who meet the overall criteria for admission and have a strong desire to enroll at Monmouth. Early action candidates will be notified of an admission decision by January 15. Applicants may be offered admission, denied admission, or returned to the regular applicant pool for further consideration.

The application deadline for regular decision is March 1. This is the final application deadline for first-time, full-time students. Students who wish to apply for regular admission may file their credentials any time after the start term of their senior year. Applications received after the March 1 deadline will be considered on a space-available basis. Regular decision candidates who complete an application by March 1 will be notified of an admission decision by April 1.

The application deadline for Nursing (BSN freshman applicants only) is December 1 and may have special requirements. Refer to the current Monmouth University Application for Undergraduate Admission for information.

Enrollment deposits are required of all undergraduate students who are accepting offers of admission to the University. Seats in the fall, first-year class are often filled by the May 1 National Candidates’ reply date. Therefore, full-time, first-year students should submit the enrollment deposit by May 1.

First-year students may also apply for spring semester admission; the deadline for spring semester applications is December 1. First-year, full-time students who are entering in the spring semester should also submit the enrollment deposit as soon as possible in order to confirm intention to enroll.

Part-Time and Transfer Students

The priority application deadline for the fall semester is July 15. The priority application deadline for the spring semester is December 1.

Adult Students (24 Years of Age or Older)

The application deadline for the fall semester is July 15. The application deadline for the spring semester is December 1.

An enrollment deposit is not required for part-time students; however, students must return an enrollment confirmation form to indicate intent to enroll.