Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) Secondary Endorsement (EDS.TSD)

Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) Secondary Endorsement (EDS.TSD)

Requirements (12 credits) 1, 2, 3
EDS-338Assessment Approaches, P-123
EDS-332Family/School/Community Partnerships and Resources, P-123
EDS-342Instructional Methods and Materials for Students with Disabilities3
EDS-350Individualizing Curricula and Systematic Instruction for Special Education3
Total Credits12

Minimum Grade of "C" required for Education Courses


Students must complete the appropriate test requirement(s) with a passing score PRIOR to Clinical Practice.


ED-319 Content Literacy and Assessment (3 cr.), ED-320 Teaching Emergent Multilinguals in an Inclusive Classroom (3 cr.), EDS-330 Foundations of Special Education: Child & Adolescent Development and Transition to Adulthood (3 cr.), and EDS-336 Classroom Management (3 cr.)are also required and fulfilled in Education Major Requirements


  • Can only be combined with students following a content major coupled with Education with Endorsement in Secondary Education