Changing from Non-Matriculated to Regular (Matriculated) Status

An undergraduate student accepted to Monmouth University as a non-matriculated (non-degree-seeking) student may request to matriculate (seek a degree) by applying for admission as a regular (matriculated) student. If accepted as a regular student, he or she may declare a major (provided admission criteria, if any, of the particular major are met) or choose the undeclared status.

A non-matriculated undergraduate student who did not meet regular admission requirements when accepted in the provisional non-matriculated status must complete a minimum of twelve (12) credits and a maximum of eighteen (18) credits of college-level course work with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 before applying for admission as a regular student. The student will follow all curricular requirements in effect at the time of admission as a regular student.

Courses taken in the non-matriculated status will be considered for applicability toward degree requirements in the same way that courses taken in the matriculated status are considered. Undergraduate students wishing to change from non-matriculated to regular status should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.