B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing and Management (BUBKM.BS)

B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing and Management (BUBKM.BS)

Major Requirements/Business (33 credits)
BA-251Accounting I3
(BE-201 or BE-202 satisfies Social Science Survey (SS.SV) in General Education)
(BE-201 or BE-202 satisfies Social Science Survey (SS.SV) in General Education)
BF-301Principles of Finance3
BL-201Legal Environment of Business I3
BK-250Principles of Marketing3
BM-250Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior3
BE-251Business Statistics3
BM-327Ethics, Diversity, and Social Responsibility3
BM-350Operations Management3
BM-490Strategic Management3
Concentration Requirements/Marketing & Management (39 credits)
BK-301Marketing Research3
BK-304Consumer Behavior3
BK-311Principles of Advertising3
BK-459Managerial Marketing3
BM-311Management Data Analytics3
BM-404Human Resources Management3
BM-471Global Management3
or BK-453 International Marketing
BM-402Business Modeling and Analysis3
or BM-408 Logistics and Supply Management
Select 6 credits in Management (BM) at the 300-level or higher6
Select 6 credits in Marketing (BK) at the 300-level or higher6
Interdisciplinary Requirements (6 credits)
MA-117Quantitative Analysis for Business I3
(Satisfies Mathematics in General Education)
IT-150Information Technology for Business3
(Satisfies Technological Literacy (TL) in General Education)
Free Electives (9 credits) 1
Select up tp 9 free elective credits. 19
General Education Requirements (33 credits) 2
Complete 33 credits as outlined on the General Education table. 233
Total Credits120

Please consult with your advisor regarding the required number of free electives that must be completed.


The General Education curriculum requires the completion of 45 credits. However, students may be able to share credits from within their major or interdisciplinary requirements. Please consult with your advisor to determine which General Education courses must be completed.


  • 54 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.
  • Business majors are required to complete at least 50% of their major and concentration requirements at Monmouth University.

Sequence Chart

First Year
EN-101 College Composition I3EN-102 College Composition II3
IT-150 Information Technology for Business3MA-117 Quantitative Analysis for Business I (Gen*Ed Mathematics)3
Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV)3Gen*Ed Aesthetics (AT) AR,DA,MU,TH3
Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL3Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL3
FO-xxx World Language3Free Elective3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Second Year
BA-251 Accounting I3RD, Reasoned Oral Discourse class3
BK-250 Principles of Marketing3BL-201 Legal Environment of Business I3
BE-201 Microeconomics (Gen*Ed Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3BE-202 Macroeconomics3
BM-250 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior3BK-304 Consumer Behavior3
EN-2xx Gen*Ed Literature (LIT)3BE-251 Business Statistics3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Third Year
BF-301 Principles of Finance3BM-350 Operations Management3
BK-301 Marketing Research3BM-311 Management Data Analytics3
BM-404 Human Resources Management3BM-327 Ethics, Diversity, and Social Responsibility3
BK-311 Principles of Advertising3BM 402 or BM 4083
CD/GU (Gen*Ed)3BK-300+ Marketing Elective3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Fourth Year
BM-451 Entrepreneurship3BM-490 Strategic Management (Gen*Ed Experiential Education (ExEd)3
BK-459 Managerial Marketing3PR-4xx Gen*Ed Interdisciplinary Perspectives3
BM-300+ Management Elective3Free Elective3
Select one: BM-471 or BK-4533BM-300+ Management Elective3
Free Elective3BK-300+ Marketing Elective3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Total Credits 120