B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Economics

Major Requirements/Business (42 credits)
BA-251Principles of Financial Accounting3
BA-252Principles of Managerial Accounting3
BF-301Principles of Finance3
BL-201Legal Environment of Business I3
BE/BF-304Money, Credit, and Financial Institutions3
BK-250Principles of Marketing3
BM-250Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior3
BE-251Business Statistics3
BM-311Management Information Systems3
BM-327Ethics, Diversity, and Social Responsibility3
BM-350Operations Management3
BM-490Strategic Management3
Concentration Requirements/Economics (18 credits)
MA-118Quantitative Analysis for Business II3
BE-305Intermediate Macroeconomics3
or BE-307 Managerial Economics
BE-403Economic Growth and Development3
or BF-421 International Finance
Select 9 credits in Economics (BE) at the 300-level or higher9
Interdisciplinary Requirements (15 credits)
MA-117Quantitative Analysis for Business I3
IT-150Information Technology for Business3
CO-225Business and Professional Communication3
HS-310Business and Economic Development of the United States3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Political Science: Power and Globalization
American National Government
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Psychology
Free Electives (20 credits)
Select 20 credits of free electives20
General Education Requirements (33 credits)
First Year Seminar
FY-101First Year Seminar3
Reading and Writing
EN-101College Composition I3
EN-102College Composition II3
Fulfilled with MA-117 or MA-1180
Natural Sciences
Select 6 credits from the following subjects: BY, CE, GL, PH, or SC6
Select 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: LIT3
Aesthetics and Creativity
Select 3 credits from Art, Music, Theatre, or Dance3
Technological Literacy
Fulfilled in Interdisciplinary Requirements with IT-1500
Reasoned Oral Discourse
Fulfilled in Interdisciplinary Requirements with CO-2250
Historical Perspective
Select 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: HS.SV3
Social Science
Fulfilled in Outside Major Requirements with PS-101, PS-103, PY-103 or SO-1010
Historical Perspective/Social Sciences
Fulfilled in Major Requirements with BE-201 or with BE-2020
Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Select 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: ISP3
Cultural Diversity and Global Understanding or Foreign Language
Select 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: CD and 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: GU or select 6 credits from the SAME foreign language6
Experiential Education
Select one course designated with Course Type: EX0
Writing Intensive
Select two courses from Business (BA, BE, BF, BK, BM, BL, BR) designated with Course Type: WT0
Total Credits128


  • 58 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.
  • Business majors are required to complete at least 50% of their major and concentration requirements at Monmouth University.