M.S.Ed. Special Education - Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant Track (YI.LDTC.MSED)

Requirements (12 credits)
EDS-530Research Issues and Trends in Special Education3
EDS-535Technology and Students with Disabilities3
or EDS-500 Foundations of Special Education: Child & Adolescent Development and Transition to Adulthood
EDS-537Collaborating with Families, Students, and Professionals in Community and Educational Settings3
EDS-538Special Education Law3
LDTC Requirements (18 credits)
EDS-532Physiological Aspects of Learning3
EDS-550Learning Theories and Applications in Educational Settings3
EDS-568Advanced Instructional Methods in Special Education3
EDS-570Assessment and Curricula Interventions and Strategies3
EDS-590Diagnosis and Correction of Learning Disabilities3
EDS-610Internship in Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant3
Total Credits30
  1. Applicant must be a certified teacher. (Does not apply to MSEd School Counseling and Student Affairs College Counseling, Autism/ABA or Autism.)
  2. Possession of a baccalaureate degree with a satisfactory overall GPA per state requirements (see New Jersey Department of Education for details) and a 3.0 in the undergraduate major.
  3. Two letters of recommendation related to the applicant’s competence for this graduate program and professional work.
  4. Essay (500 words or more).  For School Counseling and Student Affairs and College Counseling, the essay must discuss why social justice is important to the applicant and how the applicant forsees utilizing this training in his/her future career as a school counselor or student affairs professional. For all other MSED programs the essay must explain why the applicant wishes to pursue the graduate program of their choice.
  5. Students applying to the MSEd School Counseling and MSEd Student Affairs and College Counseling programs must participate in a group interview.

Note:  Upon completion of the Principal/School Administrator/Supervisor Program, you must provide documentation evidencing completion of five years of successful educational experience under a valid provisional or standard New Jersey or equivalent out-of-state certificate to be eligible for the endorsement.