Time Limitation for Completion of Requirements

The requirements of a particular graduate program must be satisfied within a period not exceeding five calendar years, with the exception of the Occupational Therapy Doctorate program, which must be satisfied within a period not exceeding six calendar years. This excludes any period of service in the Armed Forces. The graduate catalog in effect at the time of admission, readmission, or change of major (whichever is later) shall normally be the student’s official catalog of record. However, faculty and curriculum changes may require related changes in a student’s program. If after following a curriculum of record for five calendar years a student has not completed the requirements of the curriculum, the student must update the curriculum of record (including all requirements) to the most recent one that exists. Requests for exceptions to a curriculum update should be made to the respective program director. The director’s recommendation is then forwarded to the academic school dean and director of graduate studies for final approval. The acceptance of graduate courses taken at Monmouth or elsewhere beyond five years is at the discretion of the program director and is made on a case-by-case basis.