B.A. in History/Political Science Interdisciplinary and Education with Endorsement in Elementary Education

Major Requirements/History and Political Science (42 credits)
PS-101Introduction to Political Science: Power and Globalization3
or PS-103 American National Government
Select 3 credits from one of the following subjects: PS or HS3
Select 12 credits from FOUR of the following Course Types: PSAM (American Politics), PSAL (American Legal System), PSPA (Public Policy), PSIP (International Relations), PSCG (Comparative Politics)12
HS-101Western Civilization in World Perspective I3
HS-102Western Civilization in World Perspective II3
HS-201United States History I3
HS-202United State History II3
Select 3 credits of History (HS) Electives at the 200+ level (excluding HS-201 and HS-202)3
Select 3 credits from Course Type: HSEU3
Select 3 credits from Course Type: HSNW3
PS-401Seminar in Political Science3
or HS-461 Research Seminar in History
Major Requirements/Education (36 credits) 1
ED-250Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDS-330Foundations of Special Education: Development Across the Lifespan3
EDS-336Classroom Management3
EDL-326Literacy Instruction in K-6 Educational Settings I3
ED-320Teaching Students with Diverse Needs3
EDL-327Literacy Instruction in K-6 Educational Settings II3
ED-360Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics3
ED-361Methods of Teaching Science for Elementary School3
ED-362Teaching Elementary Social Studies3
Select 9 credits of Student Teaching as follows: 2
Clinical Practice
and Clinical Practice Seminar
HS/PS Interdisciplinary Requirements (12 credits)
PL-101Introduction to Philosophy3
BE-200Economics for Social Science3
GO-100People, Places, and Environments: Introduction to Geography3
Select 3 credits from Anthropology (AN) or Sociology (SO)3
Education Interdisciplinary Requirements (6 credits)
MA-203Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I3
MA-204Foundations of Elementary Mathematics II3
Free Electives (2 credits)
Select 2 credits of free electives2
General Education Requirements (30 credits)
First Year Seminar
FY-101First Year Seminar3
Reading and Writing
EN-101College Composition I3
EN-102College Composition II3
Fulfilled in Education Interdisciplinary Requirements with MA-203 or MA-2040
Natural Sciences
Select 6 credits from the following subjects: BY, CE, GL, PH, or SC6
Select 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: LIT3
Aesthetics and Creativity
Select 3 credits from Art, Music, Theatre, or Dance3
Technological Literacy
Fulfilled in HS/PS Interdisciplinary Requirements with GO-1000
Reasoned Oral Discourse
Fulfilled in Major Requirements with ED-320 or Research Sem.0
Historical Perspective
Fulfilled in Major Requirements with HS-1010
Social Science
Fulfilled in Major Requirements with PS-101 or PS-1030
Historical Perspective/Social Sciences
Fulfilled in Major Requirements with HS-1020
Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Select 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: ISP3
Cultural Diversity and Global Understanding or Foreign Language
Select 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: CD and 3 credits from courses designated with Course Type: GU or select 6 credits from the SAME foreign language 36
Experiential Education
Select one course designated with Course Type: EX0
Writing Intensive
Select two courses from History (HS) or Political Science (PS) designated with Course Type: WT0
Select two courses from Education (ED, EDL, EDS) designated with Course Type: WT0
Total Credits128

Additional Endorsements Available

  • TSD - Teacher of Students with Disabilities - Elementary
  • P-3 Early Childhood Endorsement
  • ESL - English as a Second Language - Elementary
  • MID-SS - Middle School Social Studies


  • 58 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.
  • Education majors are required to have an overall GPA of 3.00 for State Certification.
  • By state regulation, all Education Majors seeking content area endorsement must complete 30 content credits (12+ credits at the 300+ level).