Chair: Susan Goulding, Department of English
Director First Year Composition: John P. Hanley
Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Elizabeth Gilmartin-Keating
Graduate Program Director: Mary Kate Azcuy and Alex Gilvarry (M.F.A. Creative Writing)

The major in English is designed to serve various needs within the framework of traditional literary study, creative writing, and rhetoric. Sensitivity to texts and the attendant skills in writing and analysis are useful for a wide range of careers in today’s changing workplace, including careers in law, teaching, editing, journalism, freelance writing, government service, marketing, management, and business. Combining the major with another minor is encouraged.

Departmental Honors will be earned based on the following criteria being met:

  • An overall GPA of at least 3.3
  • A major GPA of at least 3.5
  • Fulfillment of the intermediate-level language requirement for English majors
  • Two courses beyond those required for the English major as follows:
  1. complete one course from list of EN 300-400 courses chosen with thesis advisor
  2. complete a second course as an independent study/senior thesis with a grade of “B” or better

Student Honor Society: Sigma Tau Delta, Delta Chapter