Minor in Geography (MIN.GO)

Requirements (15 credits)
Select 3 credits from the following courses:3
People, Places, and Environments: Introduction to Geography
Principles of Human Geography
Physical Geography
GO-125Maps and Mapping3
orĀ GIS-224 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Select 9 credits the following courses:9
Global Environmental Problems
Life's a Beach
Climate Change Adaptation and Policy
OR, Select 6 additional credits from Geography (GO)
AND, Select 3 credits from the following courses:
Select 3 credits from subject GIS (excluding GIS-224)
Environmental Science
Environmental Biology and Policy
Introduction to Global Sustainability
Environmental Health Issues
Transcultural Health
GIS Applications in Homeland Security
Environmental History
New Jersey History: A Mirror on America
History of the American City
Transcultural Health
International Relations
Introduction to Global Sustainability
Urban Politics
Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
Climate Science for 21st Century Citizens
Urban Sociology
Total Credits15