Minor in Interactive Media (MIN.IM)

Requirements (12 credits)
AR-178Web Studio3
or CO-221 Introduction to Digital Media
AR-181Digital Photography I3
or CO-145 Introduction to Television Production
CO-241Introduction to Screen Studies3
or AR-342 History of New and Expanded Media in Art
CO/AR-404Responsive Media3
Electives (6 credits)
Select 6 credits from courses designated with Course Type: IM6
Total Credits18


  • Communication Majors can share up to 6 credits, 13 credits must be unique to the minor.
  • Art and Design Majors can share AR-181 Digital Photography I (3 cr.) plus substitute any two of the following required courses from their major for AR-178 Web Studio (3 cr.):
    AR-284Web Design/Interactive II for Non-BFA Candidates3
    AR-383Web Design/Interactive I3
    AR-384Web Design/Interactive II3
    AR-386Principles of Animation3
    AR-390Animation/Motion Graphics I3
    10 credits must be unique to the minor.