B.A. in Art with a Concentration in Photography (AR.PHOTO.BA)

Core Requirements/Art (30 credits)
(Any Art course satisfies Aesthetics (AT) in General Education)
AR-113Basic Design and Composition3
AR-114Basic Design and Color3
AR-116Three-Dimensional Design3
AR-172Introduction to Digital Design3
(Satisfies Technological Literacy (TL) in General Education)
AR-181Digital Photography I3
AR-191Drawing I3
AR-192Drawing II3
AR-241History of Western Art I3
AR-242History of Western Art II3
Select 3 credits in Art History at the 300+ level3
AR-REVArt and Design Student Portfolio Review0
AR-SHOSenior Show0
Photography Concentration Requirements (33 credits)
AR-183Black and White Photography I3
AR-283Black and White Photography II3
AR-253Digital Photography II3
AR-353Digital Photography III3
AR-313Lighting Techniques3
AR-323Documentary Photography and Video3
AR-347History of Photography3
(Satisfies Cultural Diversity (CD) in General Education)
AR-383Web Design/Interactive I3
AR-389Art and Photography Internship3
AR-390Animation/Motion Graphics I3
(Satisfies Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD) in General Education)
AR-402Photography Portfolio3
Free Electives (24 credits) 1,2
Select up to 24 credits of free electives 1, 224
General Education Requirements (33 credits) 3
Complete 33 credits as outlined on the General Education table. 333
Total Credits120


  • 54 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.
  • The Department of Art and Design awards departmental honors to graduating seniors who successfully complete AR-410 Advanced Project I (1-3 cr.) and AR-411 Advanced Project 2 (1-3 cr.), and maintain a 3.50 major GPA, and a 3.00 overall GPA.

Sequence Chart

First Year
EN-101 College Composition I3EN-102 College Composition II3
AR-113 Basic Design and Composition (Gen*Ed Aesthetics (AT) AR,DA,MU,TH)3AR-114 Basic Design and Color3
AR-181 Digital Photography I3AR-116 Three-Dimensional Design3
AR-191 Drawing I3AR-192 Drawing II3
FO-xxx Gen*Ed World Language3MA-xxx Gen*Ed Mathematics3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Second Year
AR-241 History of Western Art I3AR-242 History of Western Art II3
AR-183 Black and White Photography I3AR-283 Black and White Photography II3
AR-172 Introduction to Digital Design (Gen*Ed Technological Literacy (TL)3AR-REV Art and Design Student Portfolio Review0
Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV)3Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL3
Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL3Gen*Ed Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3
 Free Elective 3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Third Year
AR-253 Digital Photography II3AR-313 Lighting Techniques3
AR-347 History of Photography (Gen*Ed Cultural Diversity (CD) and Writing Intensive (WT)3AR-390 Animation/Motion Graphics I (Gen*Ed Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD)3
EN-2xx Gen*Ed Literature (LIT)3Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV) or Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3
Free Electives6AR-3xx 300+ Level Art History Course3
 Free Electives - AR-xxx to satisfy Gen*Ed Writing Intensive Requirement3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Fourth Year
AR-323 Documentary Photography and Video3AR-389 Art and Photography Internship (Gen*Ed Experiential Education (ExEd)3
AR-383 Web Design/Interactive I3AR-402 Photography Portfolio3
AR-353 Digital Photography III3AR-SHO Senior Show0
PR-xxx Gen*Ed Interdisciplinary Perspectives (ISP)3Free Electives9
Free Elective3 
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Total Credits 120