Transfer Applicants

Transfer Applicants

Monmouth University welcomes applications from transfer students who are in good academic standing at other accredited colleges or universities. Students from non-accredited colleges may be admitted if they satisfy the admission requirements of Monmouth University. Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or better will be considered for admission to the University. Students pursuing a major within the School of Education must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 according to New Jersey State Guidelines. Please refer to the School of Education section of this catalog for additional State guidelines. Admission is determined by successful completion of course work over time and is not automatic; there may be instances when a student with a 2.25 GPA or greater will not be offered admission. Students who have been dismissed for academic reasons will not be considered for acceptance by Monmouth University until at least one academic semester has elapsed following their dismissal. Students suspended for disciplinary reasons from another institution must serve the term imposed by that suspension before Monmouth University will consider their application for admission.

Students offered provisional admission must be nonmatriculated and part-time. Conditions imposed on such students are as follows:

  • they may earn no more than eighteen credits in that status and may carry no more than nine (9) credits per semester;
  • they must reapply for admission after earning twelve to eighteen credits at Monmouth in order to matriculate and continue taking courses at the University.

Admission as a matriculating student is contingent upon successful completion of course work. (See the Changing from Non-Matriculated to Matriculated Status section of the catalog for more details.)

The priority application deadline for the spring semester is December 1. The priority application deadline for the fall semester is July 15. If a student has attempted and received grades in twenty-four credits or more at or above the 100-level, the University will only look at the student’s collegiate course work in determining admission. If a student has fewer than twenty-four credits, an official high school transcript is requested; such applicants may also submit official SAT or ACT scores.

Transfer students must send official transcripts from all institutions attended previously, regardless of whether or not credit for such work is desired or expected. Final transcripts from previous institutions attended must be received by Monmouth University prior to beginning enrollment. Students who do not provide official transcripts will not be permitted to continue at Monmouth. Failure to declare attendance at any postsecondary institution where registration occurred may lead to disciplinary action and/or dismissal. When applying for transfer credit, students may be requested to submit official course descriptions.