Alternative Credit Options

Alternative Credit Options

Credits Awarded for College Level Examination Program (CLEP)4

General Exams1 Monmouth Credit Awarded for Credits
EN-100 College Composition Modular (new 7/2010) Apply to department TBD
EN-101 College Composition (new 7/2010) EN-101 College Composition I 3
MA-001 College Mathematics MA-001 Math elective 3
EN-100 English Composition (until 7/2010) Apply to Department TBD
EN-101 English Comp w/Essay (until 7/2010) EN-101 College Composition I 3
HU-100 Humanities FE-001 Free Elective 3
PH-001 Natural Sciences PH-001 Physics Elective 3
SS-001 Social Sciences & History SS-001 Social Science Elect 3
Subject Examinations2 Monmouth Credit Awarded for Credits
Composition and Literature
EN-208 American Literature (until 07/2011) EN-228 Foundations of American Lit. 3
EN-208 American Literature (new 07/2011) EN-202 Literature II 3 3
EN-000 Analysis & Interpretation of Literature No Credit 0
EN-206 English Literature (until 07/2011) EN-227 Foundations of British Lit. 3
EN-206 English Literature (new 07/2011) EN-202 Literature II 3
EN-101 Freshman College Composition (until 07/2010) No Credit 0
Foreign Languages
FF-001 French Language FF-201 Intermediate French I 3
FG-001 German Language FG-201 Intermediate German I 3
FS-001 Spanish Language FS-201 Intermediate Spanish I 3
History and Social Sciences
PS-001 American Government PS-103 American National Government 3
HS-103 History of US I HS-201 US History I 3
HS-104 History of US II HS-202 US History II 3
PY-203 Human Growth & Development PY-203 Child Psychology 3
PY-201 Intro to Educational Psychology PY-201 Educational Psychology 3
BE-202 Principles of Macroeconomics BE-202 Macroeconomics 3
BE-201 Principles of Microeconomics BE-201 Microeconomics 3
PY-103 Introduction to Psychology PY-103 Intro to Psychology 3
SO-101 Intro to Sociology SO-101 Intro to Sociology 3
HS-101 Western Civilization I HS-101 West Civ. World Perspective 1 3
HS-102 Western Civilization II HS-102 West Civ. World Perspective 2 3
Science and Mathematics
MA-001 Trigonometry (Until 2006) MA-001 Math Elective 3
MA-101 College Algebra MA-101 College Algebra 3
MA-109 College Algebra-Trigonometry (until 2006) MA-109 Pre-Calculus Math 4
MA-109 Pre-Calculus (new 2007) MA-001 Math Elective 3
MA-112 Calculus with Elem. Func. (until 2006) MA-118 Quantitative Analysis Bus. II 3
MA-118 Calculus MA-118 Quantitative Analysis Bus. II 3
BY-101 Biology BY-101 Issues & Methods of Bio. 3
or BY-102 Applied Biotech
or BY-103 Environmental Science
or BY-104 Human Biology
CE-111 and CE-112 Chemistry CE-111 Gen Chemistry I and Lab 4
CE-112 Gen Chemistry II and Lab 4
CS-001 Info Sys & Comp Apps. IT-100 Information Technology 3
or IT-102 Information Tech. for Scientists
BA-251 Financial Accounting (new 07/2007) BA-251 Principles of Financial Acctg. 3
BA-101 Principles of Accounting (until 06/2007) BA-251 Principles of Financial Acctg. 3
BL-201 Introduction to Business Law BL-201 Legal Environment of Business I 3
BK-250 Principles of Marketing BK-250 Principles of Marketing 3
BM-250 Principles of Management BM-250 Principles of Management 3

Monmouth University grants three credits for each of the five General Examinations, completed with a minimum score of 52. CLEP exams taken prior to July 1, 2001, require a minimum score of 481.


Monmouth University grants credit to the subject matter covered by the examination when the score is at or above the fiftieth percentile.


EN-202 Literature II: Neoclassical to the Present (3 cr.) equivalent for non-English majors only.


Monmouth University does not accept CLEP test results after a student has been enrolled.

Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination is a process for granting academic credit for a life experience with an academic parallel. The term “life experience” connotes a learning experience equivalent to an academic course in an accredited institution on the college level. Credits obtained by examination are accorded the same status as transfer credit and consequently are not used in the computation of the grade point average. Credit by examination is counted as part of the maximum allowable transfer credits for an academic program. Undergraduate students earning credits by examination for languages cannot use these credits to satisfy the cultural diversity (CD), global understanding (GU) or world language (WL) general education requirement. 

Interested students should apply to the appropriate academic departments. Details about these procedures are available in the Office of the Registrar.

Applied Music

Applied Music is private instruction in a particular instrument or voice. The student should discuss his/her desire to take applied music with a Monmouth University music faculty member and then register directly in the Music Department. The student may earn as many as six (6) credits in Applied Music and will be awarded the credit after successful completion of the lessons and the payment of the credit by examination fee. Credit for Applied Music will be treated in the same manner as credit by examination (see above).

Additional guidelines are available online on the Office of the Registrar forms Web page.

Prior Learning/Portfolio Assessment Program

Students who have been working, managing a home, volunteering in the community, traveling, serving in the military, or studying independently may have acquired some college-level learning from these experiences.

It is possible to have this learning evaluated and receive credit. Credit is granted for learning rather than the experience itself, and is awarded when the learning is closely related to the subject matter of a Monmouth course. Students who wish to earn credit for learning from work and life experience will be asked to prepare a portfolio that describes and documents that learning. Additional information is available from the Office of the Registrar.