M.A. in History (HS.MA)

M.A. in History (HS.MA)

Students interested in pursuing the thesis option must consult with the department before submitting the e-FORM to change their program.

Requirements (21 credits)
HS-501Historical Criticism3
or HS-502 The Philosophy of History
or HS-503 Introduction to the Study of World History
Select two U.S. History courses designated with Course Type: HSUS6
Select two European History courses designated with Course Type: HSEU6
Select two World or Non-Western courses designated with Course Types: HSWLD or HSNW 6
Electives (9 credits)
Select 9 credits of History (HS) Electives9
Program Completion Options (0 credits)
Total Credits30

Sequence Chart

Included below is a suggested plan of study to complete this program. Please use this as a guide; consult with your advisor to determine the sequence that best matches your circumstances.

First Year
HS-501 Historical Criticism, 502, or 5033HS-5XX US history elective (type HSUS)3Select 6 credits of History (HS-500+) Electives6
HS-5XX World or Non Western History elective (Course Types: HSWLD or HSNW)3HS-5XX European History Elective (Course Types: HSEU)3 
Semester Credits6Semester Credits6Semester Credits6
Second Year
HS 5XX World or Non Western History elective (type HSWLD or HSNW)3HS 5XX US history elective (type HSUS)3 
HS 5XX European History Elective (Course Type HSEU)3HS-5XX History Elective3 
Semester Credits6Semester Credits6 
Total Credits 30