Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Chair: Nicholas Sewitch, Department of Criminal Justice

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (M.A.)

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice at Monmouth University offers a broad perspective on the criminal justice system, its various institutions and processes. Students will develop the quantitative, critical, and research skills necessary for problem solving and policy-making. The program includes a set of courses that will focus on research procedures, the use of psychosocial variables, systems thinking, and the development of policy. In addition, there are courses in law, policy, and criminal justice management.

Community-Law Enforcement Relations Track
Homeland Security Track
Intelligence Analyst Track
Leadership Track

Within our M.A. in Criminal Justice, we offer four optional specialized tracks. Students who complete the Community-Law Enforcement Relations Track will gain an understanding of a policing model focused more on community policing, crime reduction, officer wellness and safety, and the social issues inherent in police work. Students who complete the Community-Law Enforcement Relations Track will complete 12 credits in Social Work during the course of this degree. For those students who wish to continue to work toward a Master of Social Work degree, these 12 credits will transfer into the 54-credit M.S.W., allowing the student to have 42 credits left to complete for the Master of Social Work. Our Homeland Security Track exposes students to core homeland security competencies in areas of strategic planning and collaborative partnerships with other entities necessary for comprehensive anti-terror strategies. You may also pursue the Intelligence Analyst Track that prepares students for positions that require research and analytical skills. This track is accredited with IALEIA (International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts) in which upon completion of the graduate program the student will receive their basic intelligence analyst membership. Finally, The Leadership Track prepares you for executive roles within the field of criminal justice by focusing on the management of day-to-day operations within law enforcement and public agencies.