M.S. in Physician Assistant (PHA.MS)

PHA Requirements (95 credits)
PHA-601Human Anatomy5
PHA-603Introduction to Patient Assessment5
PHA-615Topics in Medicine and Surgery III6
PHA-616Physiology & Pathophysiology I3
PHA-617Physiology and Pathophysiology II3
PHA-618Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy I3
PHA-619Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy II3
PHA-620PA Professional Practice3
PHA-622Clinical Management2
PHA-623Clinical Skills I3
PHA-624Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry4
PHA-627Research Methods I3
PHA-628Clinical Skills II3
PHA-632Biomedical Ethics2
PHA-635Research Methods II1
PHA-637Topics in Medicine and Surgery I5
PHA-638Topics in Medicine and Surgery II6
PHA-640Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences I8
PHA-641Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences II8
PHA-642Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences III8
PHA-643Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences IV8
Total Credits95

Sequence Chart:

(The sequence below is intended for the Class of 2023 and beyond. All other Physician Assistant students should speak with their advisor for course sequence planning)

PHA-601 Human Anatomy5PHA-617 Physiology and Pathophysiology II3 
PHA-603 Introduction to Patient Assessment5PHA-619 Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy II3 
PHA-616 Physiology & Pathophysiology I3PHA-620 PA Professional Practice3 
PHA-618 Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy I3PHA-638 Topics in Medicine and Surgery II6 
PHA-637 Topics in Medicine and Surgery I5PHA-623 Clinical Skills I3 
 PHA-629 Pathology3 
Semester Credits21Semester Credits21 
PHA-615 Topics in Medicine and Surgery III6PHA-622 Clinical Management2PHA-641 Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences II8
PHA-624 Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry4PHA-640 Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences I8 
PHA-627 Research Methods I3  
PHA-628 Clinical Skills II3  
PHA-632 Biomedical Ethics2  
Semester Credits18Semester Credits10Semester Credits8
PHA-642 Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences III8PHA-635 Research Methods II1 
 PHA-643 Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences IV8 
Semester Credits8Semester Credits9 
Total Credits 95