MS in Physician Assistant

PHA Requirements (95 credits)
PHA-601Human Anatomy5
PHA-602Human Physiology3
PHA-603Introduction to Patient Assessment5
PHA-604Behavioral Medicine2
PHA-605Health Promotion3
PHA-612Introduction to the Physician Assistant Profession1
PHA-606Physical Diagnosis4
PHA-607Diagnostic and Clinical Procedures5
PHA-608Pharmacology for Physician Assistants2
PHA-609Clinical Therapeutics2
PHA-621Topics in Medicine and Surgery5
PHA-622Clinical Management2
PHA-651Clinical Clerkships I5
PHA-652Clinical Clerkships II12
PHA-625Research Methods I2
PHA-626Biostatistics for Physician Assistant's Research2
PHA-653Clinical Clerkships III10
PHA-632Biomedical Ethics2
PHA-633Epidemiology for Physician Assistants2
PHA-654Clinical Clerkships IV12
PHA-635Research Methods II1
PHA-636Healthcare Policy2
Total Credits95

Sequence Chart:

First Year
PHA-601 Human Anatomy5PHA-606 Physical Diagnosis4
PHA-602 Human Physiology3PHA-607 Diagnostic and Clinical Procedures5
PHA-603 Introduction to Patient Assessment5PHA-608 Pharmacology for Physician Assistants2
PHA-604 Behavioral Medicine2PHA-609 Clinical Therapeutics2
PHA-605 Health Promotion3PHA-610 Pathophysiology3
PHA-612 Introduction to the Physician Assistant Profession1PHA-611 Neuroscience3
Semester Credits19Semester Credits19
Second Year
PHA-621 Topics in Medicine and Surgery5PHA-652 Clinical Clerkships II12
PHA-622 Clinical Management2PHA-625 Research Methods I2
PHA-651 Clinical Clerkships I5PHA-626 Biostatistics for Physician Assistant's Research2
Semester Credits12Semester Credits16
Third Year
PHA-653 Clinical Clerkships III10PHA-654 Clinical Clerkships IV12
PHA-632 Biomedical Ethics2PHA-635 Research Methods II1
PHA-633 Epidemiology for Physician Assistants2PHA-636 Healthcare Policy2
Semester Credits14Semester Credits15
Total Credits 95