Doctor of Nursing Practice

DNP Requirements (36 credits)
NU-701Translating Evidence to Clinical Practice3
NU-702Health Promotion in Diverse Populations3
NU-703Epidemiology and Genetics/Genomics3
NU-705Interprofessional Collaboration and Team Facilitation2
NU-706Leadership Immersion I1
NU-715Organizational Leadership in Healthcare3
NU-716Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care3
NU-718Health Care Economics and Financial Management3
NU-720Research Methods in Healthcare Leadership3
NU-730Doctor Nursing Practice Project I3
NU-731Leadership Immersion II3
NU-732Doctor Nursing Practice Project II3
NU-733Leadership Immersion III3
Total Credits36


  • All courses must be passed with a grade of "B" or better.

Sequence Chart

First Year
NU-701 Translating Evidence to Clinical Practice3NU-703 Epidemiology and Genetics/Genomics3
NU-715 Organizational Leadership in Healthcare3NU-716 Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care3
Semester Credits6Semester Credits6
Second Year
NU-702 Health Promotion in Diverse Populations3NU-705 Interprofessional Collaboration and Team Facilitation2
NU-720 Research Methods in Healthcare Leadership3NU-706 Leadership Immersion I1
 NU-730 Doctor Nursing Practice Project I3
Semester Credits6Semester Credits6
Third Year
NU-718 Health Care Economics and Financial Management3NU-732 Doctor Nursing Practice Project II3
NU-731 Leadership Immersion II3NU-733 Leadership Immersion III3
Semester Credits6Semester Credits6
Total Credits 36


  • Students who start in the spring should follow the same sequence by starting with the same courses for fall in the spring.