English as a Second Language (ESL) Graduate Endorsement

Requirements (18 credits)
EN-563Linguistics and the English Language3
or ED-536 Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
ED-606Diversity in Education3
EDL-575Methods of Teaching Language Arts and Content Literacy at the Elementary Level3
or ED-529 Content Literacy
ED-550Teaching English Language Learners in Mainstream Classroom3
ED-583Theories and Practice of ESL Instruction Part I3
ED-584Theories and Practice of ESL Instruction Part II3
Total Credits18
  1. A bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) with a satisfactory overall GPA per state requirements (see New Jersey Department of Education for details).
  2. A standard New Jersey Instructional Certificate or a CEAS.  If the applicant is not a certified teacher, the applicant must hold  a New Jersey Certificate of Eligibility and be employed in an ESL position requiring certification.

As an added part of an initial certificate program:

  1. Admission into any of the Monmouth University Initial Teaching Certification Programs (MAT).