B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a Concentration in Medical Laboratory Science (CL.MLS.BS)

B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a Concentration in Medical Laboratory Science (CL.MLS.BS)

Major Requirements/Clinical Lab Sciences Core (41 credits) 1
CE-111General Chemistry I3
CE-111RGeneral Chemistry I Recitation1
CE-111LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory I1
CE-112General Chemistry II3
CE-112RGeneral Chemistry II Recitation1
CE-112LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II1
CE-241Organic Chemistry I3
CE-241LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory I1
CE-242Organic Chemistry II3
CE-242LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory II1
BY-110Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology4
BY-211Physiology with Anatomy I4
BY-212Physiology with Anatomy II4
BY-223General Microbiology4
CE-333LBiochemistry Laboratory1
(Science courses satisfy Natural Science (NS) in General Education)
Interdisciplinary Requirements (6-7 credits)
One of the following three courses3-4
Pre-Calculus Modeling for the Biological Sciences 2
Calculus for the Biological Sciences
Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MA-151Statistics with Applications3
(MA-115 or MA-151 satisfies Mathematics in General Education)
Professional Credits (45 credits)
Completion of 83 credits of pre-professional credits is followed by an internship at Rutgers, School of Health Related Professions. Will count as partial fulfillment of WT requirement.45
Free Electives (0 credits) 3
The number of required electives, if any, should be determined with you advisor. 3
General Education Requirements (36 credits) 4
Complete 36 credits as outlined on the General Education table. 436
Total Credits128-129

Students who have not completed all core requirements with a "C" grade or better will be ineligible for admission to the required internship program at Rutgers-SHRP.


MA-116 Calculus for the Biological Sciences (3 cr.) or MA-125 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4 cr.) are to be taken by students who score 4 on the Math Placement Exam.


Please consult with your advisor regarding the required number of free electives that must be completed.


The General Education curriculum requires the completion of 45 credits. However, students may be able to share credits from within their major or interdisciplinary requirements. Please consult with your advisor to determine which General Education courses must be completed.  The order given in the sequence charts for Gen*Ed courses is advisory. Students may move those courses around to suit their interests.


Students can take BY-216 in place of IT-102 but there will be an additional credit since BY-216 is a 4-credit course. Students are therefore encouraged to consult their advisors.


  • 54 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.

B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a Concentration in Medical Laboratory Science
Sequence Chart

First Year
CE-111 General Chemistry I3CE-112 General Chemistry II3
CE-111R General Chemistry I Recitation1CE-112R General Chemistry II Recitation1
CE-111L General Chemistry Laboratory I1CE-112L General Chemistry Laboratory II1
Mathematics Interdisciplinary Course (Please see curriculum chart)3-4BY-110 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology4
EN-101 College Composition I3EN-102 College Composition II3
IT-102 Information Technology for Scientists53Gen*Ed Social Science3
Semester Credits14-15Semester Credits15
Second Year
CE-241 Organic Chemistry I3CE-242 Organic Chemistry II3
CE-241L Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1CE-242L Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1
BY-211 Physiology with Anatomy I4BY-212 Physiology with Anatomy II4
Gen*Ed Historical Persp. or Social Science3MA-151 Statistics with Applications3
Gen*Ed Literature3Gen*Ed Historical Persp.3
Semester Credits14Semester Credits14
Third Year
BY-223 General Microbiology4BY-431 Immunology3
CE-333 Biochemistry3Gen*Ed Interdisciplinary Perspectives3
CE-333L Biochemistry Laboratory1Gen*Ed Cultural Diversity or Global Understanding3
Gen*Ed World Language3Gen*Ed Reasoned Oral Discourse3
Gen*Ed Aesthetics3 
Semester Credits14Semester Credits12
Fourth Year
Clinical Internship RUTGERS-SHRP23Clinical Internship RUTGERS SHRP22
Semester Credits23Semester Credits22
Total Credits 128-129