Computer Science and Software Engineering

Chair: Daniela Rosca, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

UNIX Administrator and Teacher: Joseph Chung

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Computer Science

The Computer Science curriculum provides a solid foundation in the computing sciences, preparing students for employment in industry or for graduate school. Software design and development is emphasized along with foundational computing concepts. The higher-level courses enable students to explore a variety of topics, such as databases, networks, artificial intelligence, scripting languages, game programming, UNIX administration, and computer security.

The B.S. in Computer Science, which is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, is recommended especially for students who plan to attend graduate school in computer science or who plan to specialize in scientific computing. The educational objectives of the BS in Computer Science are to enable graduates, within a few years after graduation, to:

  • Work as effective team members or team leaders in the development of computer and software systems covering a wide range of business, educational and scientific applications.
  • Enter professional careers in positions including computer programmer, software tester, systems analyst, network administrator, software systems designer, database manager, computer systems integrator, software security analyst, and game developer.
  • Undertake graduate studies and develop the knowledge and expertise to complete advanced studies or do research in computer science, engineering, and other scientific fields.
  • Work in teams, communicating effectively with technical and non-technical team members, clients, and customers, while meeting the social and ethical responsibilities of their profession.
  • Explore, synthesize, and implement ideas in their areas of interest and activity.
  • Adapt to new technologies and methodologies with the skills required to react to a changing world.

Students interested in Computer Science but looking for a more flexible curriculum may choose to pursue the non-ABET-accredited B.A. in Computer Science. This program requires fewer math and science credits, which allows students to take additional coursework or a minor in other academic areas.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

The undergraduate Software Engineering curriculum, which is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET is designed to give students a broad background in both computer and engineering science with a heavy emphasis on those aspects of software engineering that will enable graduates to efficiently participate in the design, development, and deployment of large software systems. Because of the sequential nature of the courses and the number of requirements for engineering majors, careful planning is necessary to complete the curriculum in four years.

The educational objectives of the BS in Software Engineering program are to prepare software engineering graduates to do the following things within the first few years after graduation from the program:

  • Obtain employment in organizations that develop or acquire software and/or enter graduate school;
  • Make strong contributions to teams that are responsible for the specification, design, construction, testing, deployment, maintenance, or use of software systems;
  • Develop experience in additional areas of professional specialty that, when combined with their BSSE education, will continue the path toward lifelong learning;
  • Use their engineering, communications, interpersonal, and business skills to advance their careers in a business, government, or academic environment;
  • Critically assess their engineering capabilities and acquire the additional knowledge and skills they need to maintain currency within their evolving work environment;
  • Assist their employers’ organizations in achieving their business goals.