Chemistry and Physics

Chemistry and Physics

Chair: Tsanangurayi Tongesayi, Department of Chemistry and Physics

Our curricula provide foundations in the traditional chemistry sub-disciplines. The programs serve as excellent preparation for further professional study in chemistry and related sciences, health professions such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and physical therapy. Careers in academia, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, environmental protection, forensics, government, industrial hygiene, information science, patent law, science writing, toxicology, and education are open to those whose initial field of study is chemistry.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (CE.BS) provides a core curriculum of chemistry while allowing sufficient flexibility to combine it with a second major, a minor, or elective biology courses for pre-medical studies, within the total number of credits required for graduation. Completion of the Chemistry and Education curriculum qualifies graduates to apply for Secondary Education endorsement as a chemistry teacher. Completion of two additional courses provides eligibility for physical science certification, which is required for teaching chemistry or physics at the high school level.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Advanced Chemistry (CE.ACS.BS) provides a strong foundation in all five of the chemistry sub-disciplines. Students planning to pursue graduate study in chemistry should follow this program, which leads to a degree certified by the American Chemical Society.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a track in Biochemistry (CE.BIO.BS) includes an introduction to the traditional subject areas of biology as well as specific biochemistry courses. This program is appropriate for students planning to seek employment or pursue graduate study in chemistry/biochemistry, or attend medical or other health professional schooling. The Industry track (CE.IND.BS) is designed for students who are interested in direct entry into the workforce. Such students can still pursue graduate studies in chemistry or health-related professional schooling. American Chemical Society certification may be achieved in these two tracks by appropriate choice of electives.

The Chemistry faculty are engaged in research in many interesting areas.  Providing opportunities for student participation in these efforts is an important priority for the department.

Departmental Honors can be earned in Chemistry if the following criteria are met*:

  • An overall GPA of 3.5 or higher;
  • A major GPA of 3.7 or higher;
  • At least three credits of research;
  • Completion of all five foundation courses in the five major areas of chemistry;
  • Completion of at least three in-depth courses from the five major areas of chemistry;
  • Public presentation of research.

*Please speak to a department advisor for more details.