B.S. in Health and Physical Education with an Education Endorsement in K-12 (HEPE.PE.BS)

Major Requirements/Health (15 credits)
HE-101Strategies for Healthy Living3
HE-260Substance Use and Abuse3
HE-290Health Research Methods3
HE-324Human Sexuality3
HE-380Nutrition and Health3
Major Requirements/Physical Education (31 credits)
PE-203Instructional Strategies in Physical Education and Health3
PE-310Sport and Exercise Psychology3
PE-320Exercise Physiology3
PE-330Biomechanics and Kinesiology3
PE-340Motor Development and Learning3
PE-350School-Based Physical Activity4
PE-360Principles of Coaching3
PE-411Adapted Physical Education and Health3
(Satisfies Cultural Diversity in General Education)
Skills Requirement
Select one course from each of 6 Skills categories: GAMES, AQUA, RHYTH, OUTDR, PERF, AND FIT 16
Major Requirements/Education K-12 (24 credits) 2
ED-250Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDS-330Foundations of Special Education: Development Across the Lifespan3
EDS-336Classroom Management3
ED-319Content Literacy3
ED-320Teaching English Language Learners in Mainstream Classroom3
(Satisfies Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD) in General Education)
Clinical Practice
and Clinical Practice Seminar 3
Interdisciplinary Requirements (17 credits)
BY-111Anatomy and Physiology I4
or BY-211 Physiology with Anatomy I
(Satisfies Natural Sciences in General Education)
BY-112Anatomy and Physiology II4
or BY-212 Physiology with Anatomy II
(Satisfies Natural Sciences in General Education)
PY-103Introduction to Psychology ((Satisfies Social Science Survey (SS.SV) in General Education))3
SO-101Introduction to Sociology3
(Satisfies Social Science Survey (SS.SV) in General Education)
(Satisfies Mathematics in General Education)
MA-105Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences3
Education K-12 Certificate Requirements (6 credits) 2
ED-378Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education and Health3
ED-379Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education and Health3
Free Electives (3 credits) 4
Select up to 3 free elective credits. 43
General Education Requirements (24 credits) 5
Complete 24 credits as outlined on the General Education table. 524
Total Credits120

Additional Endorsements Available

  • ESL - English as a Second Language - K-12
  • TSD - Teacher of Students with Disabilities - K12


  • 54 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.
  • Education majors are required to have an overall GPA of 3.00 for State Certification.
  • By state regulation, all Education Majors seeking content area endorsement must complete 30 content credits (12+ credits at the 300+ level).