B.A. in Music with a Concentration in Musical Theatre (MU.MT.BA)

B.A. in Music with a Concentration in Musical Theatre (MU.MT.BA)

Major Requirements/Music (28 credits)
MU-151Group Piano I3
MU-218History and Literature of Music I3
MU-219History and Literature of Music II3
MU-221Theory I3
MU-221LEar Training I1
MU-222Theory II3
MU-222LEar Training II1
MU-489Internship in Music3
or TH-389 Internship in Theatre
Take 4 Credits from courses MU-180 through MU-199 14
Select 4 semesters of the following:4
Monmouth University Pep Band
Chorus I
Chorus II
Blue Hawk House Band
Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Choir I
Chamber Choir II
(Music courses satisfy Aesthetics (AT) in General Education)
Musical Theatre Concentation (22 credits)
TH-155Acting I (TH Major)3
TH-156Acting II (TH Major)3
or TH-357 Acting for Television
TH-310Musical Theatre History3
TH-245Theatre Performance Practicum I1
Select 6 credits from the following courses:6
Actors' Equity Workshop I
Actors' Equity Workshop II
Introduction to Theatre Production and Design
Applied Theatre Techniques I
Applied Theatre Design
Applied Theatre Management
Summer Theatre Workshop I
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Movement for the Performer
Modern Ballet I
Jazz Dance I
Free Electives (28 credits) 2
Select up to 28 credits of free electives 228
General Education Requirements (42 credits) 3
Complete 42 credits of free electives as outlined on the General Education table. 342
Total Credits120

Combinations of instruction must be approved by an advisor


Please consult with your advisor regarding the required number of free electives that must be completed.


The General Education curriculum requires the completion of 45 credits. However, students may be able to share credits from within their major or interdisciplinary requirements. Please consult with your advisor to determine which General Education courses must be completed.


  • 54 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.

Sequence Chart

First Year
EN-101 College Composition I3EN-102 College Composition II3
MU-151 Group Piano I3Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV) or Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3
HS-xxx Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV)3Music: Chorus/Choir/Chamber Orchestra1
Music: Chorus/Chior/Chamber Orch1Dance Course: See curriculum chart for choices3
Gen*Ed Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY, CE, PH, GL, SC3
Gen*Ed Technological Literacy (TL)3MA-xxx Gen*Ed Mathematics3
Semester Credits16Semester Credits16
Second Year
TH-155 Acting I (TH Major)3EN-2xx Gen*Ed Literature (LIT)3
TH-310 Musical Theatre History3TH-156 Acting II (TH Major) or 3573
Music: Chorus/Choir/Chamber Orchestra1Music: Chorus/Choir/Chamber Orchestra1
MU-221 Theory I3MU-222 Theory II3
MU-221L Ear Training I1MU-222L Ear Training II1
TH-190 Applied Theatre Techniques I11Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY, CE, PH, GL, SC3
Free Elective3MU-180-MU-199 Private Instruction1
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Third Year
Gen*Ed Cultural Diversity (CD) or Global Understanding (GU)3MU-219 History and Literature of Music II3
MU-218 History and Literature of Music I3Dance class: See curriculum chart for choices3
TH-251 Introduction to Theatre Production and Design13TH-290 Applied Theatre Design or 29111
Gen*Ed Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD)3MU-180-MU-199 Private Instruction1
Free Elective1Free Electives9
MU-180-MU-199 Private Instruction1 
Semester Credits14Semester Credits17
Fourth Year
PR-xxx Gen*Ed Interdisciplinary Perspectives (ISP)3MU-489 Internship in Music or TH 3893
TH-290 Applied Theatre Design or 29111TH-245 Theatre Performance Practicum I1
Free Electives9Gen*Ed World Language3
MU-180-MU-199 Private Instruction1Free Electives6
Semester Credits14Semester Credits13
Total Credits 120

TH-190, TH-290, TH-291, and TH-251 may be substituted with six credits from TH-240, TH-340, or TH-441.