B.A. in Spanish with a Concentration in Communication (Journalism Cluster) (FO.FSCOJN.BA)

B.A. in Spanish with a Concentration in Communication (Journalism Cluster) (FO.FSCOJN.BA)

Major Requirements/Spanish (33 credits) 1
FS-301Introduction to Hispanic Literature3
FS-315Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
FS-300AAdvanced Spanish Conversation and Oral Discourse 23
FS-300BAdvanced Spanish: Composition and Conversation II3
FS-305Survey of Spanish-American Literature3
or FS-307 Survey of Spanish Literature
FS-309Culture and Civilization Spain3
FS-310Culture and Civilization of Latin America3
FS-409Advanced Spanish: Grammar and Stylistics3
FS-318Spanish Pronunciation, Voice, and Diction3
FS-411AWriting for the Media in Spanish3
FS-400+ Spanish Elective3
FO-LTIOPIOral Proficiency Interview - UG0
(Courses from Major Requirements satisfy World Language in General Education)
Major Requirements/Communication (40 credits)
CO-100Communication Foundations3
CO-155Media Literacy3
CO-220Public Speaking3
CO-221Introduction to Digital Media3
(Satisfies Technological Literacy (TL) in General Education)
CO-224Introduction to Mass Communication3
CO-292Communication Research Methods3
CO-301Topics in Communication Theory and Research3
CO-311Communication Ethics3
Journalism Cluster
CO-211Introduction to Journalism3
CO-264Co-Curricular Practicum in Journalism1
Select 6 credits of writing from the following:6
Civic Journalism
Multimedia Journalism
Writing the Review
Editorial Writing
Feature Writing
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Media Law
News Editing
Gender, Race, and Media
Political Communication
Interdisciplinary Requirements (12 credits) 3
HU-201Critical Discourse3
(Satisfies Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD) in General Education)
MA-105Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences3
(Satisfies Mathematics in General Education)
Select 6 credits from one of the following:6
Select a Second World Language 4
Free Electives (2 credits) 5
Select up to 2 credits of free electives 52
General Education Requirements (33 credits) 6
Complete 33 credits as outlined on the General Education table) 633
Total Credits120

In courses number above 300 it is presumed that the student has taken 201-202 (Intermediate) or equivalent to assure adequate communicative facility in the foreign language


A native speaker may be exempt from taking FS-300A Advanced Spanish Conversation and Oral Discourse (3 cr.) upon consultation with the Chair of the Department. The student may substitute any FS-300+ course to fulfill the three credit requirement.


Can substitute a minimum of 9 credits in the same foreign language other than Spanish


Other than Spanish; in addition to the General Education requirements: (i.e. Italian, German, Irish, Latin, Chinese, Arabic, French) 


Please consult with your advisor regarding the required number of free electives that must be completed.


The General Education curriculum requires the completion of 45 credits. However, students may be able to share credits from within their major or interdisciplinary requirements. Please consult with your advisor to determine which General Education courses must be completed.


  • 54 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.

Sequence Chart

First Year
EN-101 College Composition I3EN-102 College Composition II3
FS-318 Spanish Pronunciation, Voice, and Diction (Gen*Ed World Language)3Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL3
FS-300B Advanced Spanish: Composition and Conversation II3FS-301 Introduction to Hispanic Literature3
CO-100 Communication Foundations3CO-211 Introduction to Journalism3
Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV)3CO-155 Media Literacy3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Second Year
HU-201 Critical Discourse (Gen*Ed Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD)3Gen*Ed Aesthetics (AT) AR,DA,MU,TH3
CO-224 Introduction to Mass Communication3CO-220 Public Speaking3
CO-215 Newswriting3CO-311 Communication Ethics3
FS-305 Survey of Spanish-American Literature or 3073MA-105 Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences (Gen*Ed Mathematics)3
FS-300A Advanced Spanish Conversation and Oral Discourse3Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Third Year
FS-310 Culture and Civilization of Latin America (Gen*Ed Writing Intensive (WT)3CO-301 Topics in Communication Theory and Research (Gen*Ed Writing Intensive (WT)3
CO-292 Communication Research Methods3CO-221 Introduction to Digital Media (Gen*Ed Technological Literacy (TL)3
CO-xxx Required Communication Course see Curriculum Chart3FS-411A Writing for the Media in Spanish3
Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV)3Gen*Ed Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3
EN-2xx Gen*Ed Literature (LIT)3FS-4xx Spanish 400-Level Elective3
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Fourth Year
FS-315 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3CO-xxx Required Communication Course, see curriclum chart3
FS-309 Culture and Civilization Spain3FS-409 Advanced Spanish: Grammar and Stylistics3
CO-264 Co-Curricular Practicum in Journalism1Second World Language (in addition to gen*ed requirement)6
CO-xxx Required Communication Course, see curriclum chart3PR-4xx Gen*Ed Interdisciplinary Perspectives (ISP)3
Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV) or Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3FO-LTIOPI Oral Interview0
Free Elective2 
Semester Credits15Semester Credits15
Total Credits 120