Housing Options

Housing Options


The University offers a variety of housing options in fifteen locations: Beechwood, Cedar, Mullaney, Spruce, Willow, Laurel, Elmwood, Pinewood, Oakwood, Redwood, and Hesse Halls; as well as Maplewood Hall, the Garden, Great Lawn, and University Bluffs apartment complexes. Living styles include traditional room arrangements designated for first-year students; suite style, usually for first-year and upper-class students; and apartments for juniors and seniors. Residence halls are typically co-ed by floor/wing/room based on the building's configuration, and the majority of students share double rooms. In an effort to make a comfortable match, new students are asked to complete a questionnaire before room assignments are made. First-year and sophomore housing is guaranteed for students who submit the required enrollment and housing deposits and housing contract by the required deadline; as well as out-of-state undergraduate students. For first-year students, the deadline is May 1.  All first- and second-year undergraduate students of the University who do not live with a parent/guardian must live in a residence hall and participate in one of the University's board plans.  The University acknowledges the diverse needs of students and therefore reserves the right to grant permission for a first- or second-year student to live off campus on a limited case-by-case basis.  Graduate students are typically assigned to double occupancy assignments at the University Bluffs off-campus apartments based on space availability.

Each residential area is staffed by full-time professional Area Coordinators who reside on campus. Each hall is staffed by Resident Assistants, or Community Assistants, all of whom are intensively trained in providing assistance, information, activities, and programs for resident students. The Associate Vice President for Student Life, one Associate Director of Residential Life, and one Assistant Director of Residential Life reside near campus and provide additional, professional support for the Residence Life program.

All on-campus halls provide laundry facilities that utilize a smartphone app. All resident students not living in a University-owned or -sponsored apartments are required to be on a meal plan. These meal plans are not transferable and all meals are allocated to a single student. Students may choose either a carte blanche plan, which allows you unlimited access to the Residential Dining Hall, or one of three “block” meal plans, which provides students with a set number of meals for the semester. First-year students may not select a “block” lower than 195 until their sophomore year.

Depending on individual needs, cars may not be a necessary part of campus living, as everything is generally within walking distance of campus.  Many students use bicycles to get around campus and the surrounding community.  Parking is extremely limited and a parking decal purchased through MUPD is required.  Students are discouraged from having cars on campus so they may fully experience university life and all that it has to offer.