M.S. in Software Engineering, Thesis Track (SE.TT.MS)

Requirements (22.5 credits)
Foundation Courses 1
CS-501BProgram Development3
CS-503Data Structures and Algorithms3
SE-505Principles of Software Engineering1.5
SE-511Object-Oriented Analysis1.5
SE-512Object-Oriented Design1.5
Core Courses
SE-565Software System Requirements3
SE-571Software Design and Systems Architecture1.5
SE-572Enterprise and Global Architecture1.5
SE-575Software Verification, Validation and Maintenance3
SE-580The Process of Engineering Software3
Electives (12 credits)
Select four of the following:12
Outsourcing: Specifications and Strategies
Technology Assessment
MOST Implementation
Software Systems Security
Secure Web Services Design
Usability Engineering/Human-Computer Interaction
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Networked Software Systems I
Networked Software Systems II
Information Systems Architecture
Information Systems Engineering
Real-time Systems
Real-time Robot Control
Software Project Management
Software Organization Management
Software Engineering 600-Level Independent Study
Database Design and Management
Thesis (6 credits)
SE-691Software Engineering Thesis Research3
SE-692Software Engineering Thesis Research3
Total Credits40.5