Former Students Applying for Readmission

Former Students Applying for Readmission

Readmission to the University

Former Monmouth University students not on a Leave of Absence who have not attended the University for at least one semester must submit an application for readmission and submit an application fee. Applications can be found on the Monmouth University Web site. If the applicant has attended another institution in the interim, the applicant must have an official transcript forwarded to the Office of Admission Processing. Students will be re-evaluated based upon the full academic record and will be advised if further information is needed.

Readmission to the University after Academic Dismissal

Students who have been academically dismissed may apply for readmission. Review of the application and the ensuing decision is made by the Academic Standards and Review Committee. Previously dismissed students seeking readmission must have been away from the University for one full semester. Students who have been dismissed twice may apply for readmission after a minimum of three years. Application must be made through the Office of Admission.

Application for Academic Amnesty

(See Academic Amnesty.)