MSEd Speech-Language Pathology

Requirements (60 credits)
EDL-600Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology3
EDL-604Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology3
EDL-610Neurological Language Disorders and Aphasia3
EDL-614Assessment and Treatment of Dysphagia3
EDL-625Assessment Procedures in Speech-Language Pathology3
EDL-630Pediatric Language Disorders3
EDL-636Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorders3
EDL-645Speech Sound Disorders3
EDL-650Fluency Disorders3
EDL-655Disorders of Voice and Resonance3
EDL-660Motor Speech Disorders3
EDL-664Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation3
EDL-665Augmentative and Alternative Communication3
EDL-675Traumatic Brain Injury3
EDL-679Diagnostic Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology3
EDL-680Research Methods3
EDL-681Clinical Practicum I3
EDL-682Clinical Practicum II3
EDL-683External Clinical Practicum I3
EDL-684External Clinical Practicum II3
EDL-CPEComprehensive Portfolio Examination0
Total Credits60