Grade Reports

Grade Reports

A grade report is e-mailed to each student approximately ten days after the end of each semester. Final grades are recorded on the student’s official academic record. The Office of the Registrar does not respond to individual requests for grades until after the grade reports have been generated. 

Student Complaints About Grades

A student who wishes to file a complaint about a course grade should attempt first to resolve the matter through a discussion with the faculty member who taught the course in question. If the faculty member is unable to resolve the matter, the student may contact the department chair in writing, stating the basis of the complaint. Such complaints should be sent to the appropriate department chair within six weeks following the receipt of final grades. A student who is not satisfied with the decision of the department chair may appeal the decision in writing to the dean of the school housing the course. The decision of the academic dean is final.

Change of Grade Requests

In those rare cases where a faculty member determines that a change of grade is warranted, the request must be submitted and approved by the department chair and school dean. All changes must include specific reasons that support the proposed change. Changes beyond one year require the additional approval of the Graduate Academic Standards and Review Committee. Students are not permitted to complete or submit additional work after a term/semester concludes in an effort to improve a grade, unless the original grade was an Incomplete. Changes to grades after a student has graduated will not be considered.