Public Policy (PO)

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PO-330   Environmental PolicyCredits: 3   

Term Offered: All Terms

Course Type(s): MEBP, PO, PSAM, PSPA, SUS

Introduces social, political, and organizational processes that influence and shape environmental and natural-resource policy. Focuses on the political arena and examines how citizens and community groups influence legislative initiatives. Also listed as PS-330.

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PO-350   American Political EconomyCredits: 3   

Prerequisite: PS-103.

Term Offered: All Terms

Course Type(s): PO

Examination of the institutional, economic, and political factors that influence the economic decision-making process at all levels of government. Analysis of the theories, processes, principles, and concepts of public budgeting and governmental management of the economy. Also listed as PS-350.

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PO-402   Internship Seminar in Policy StudiesCredits: 3   

Prerequisites: Completion of ninety credits, director approval, and placement.

Term Offered: Spring Term

Course Type(s): EX5, PO

Supervised, practical experience in policy studies; emphasis on policy process, research, evaluation, and analysis.

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PO-499   Independent Study in Policy StudiesCredits: 3   

Prerequisite: Prior permission of the directing professor and department chair.

Term Offered: All Terms

Course Type(s): None

Directed individual study of Policy Studies in areas of special interest.