Humanities (HU)

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HU-201   Critical DiscourseCredits: 3   

Prerequisite(s): EN-102

Term Offered: All Terms

Course Type(s): RD

An introduction to basic principles of clear thinking and effective argument, combined with small group discourse and collaborative problem solving.

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HU-290   Professional EthicsCredits: 3   

Term Offered: All Terms

Course Type(s): SJL

Theoretical ethics and its application to enduring and contemporary moral issues. Examination of principles basic to humane professional practice. Investigation of moral issues as these take shape in a variety of professions, including nursing, education, social work, law, and criminal justice. Attention to the institutional contexts of moral decisions confronting professionals and the social responsibilities of professionals.

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HU-298   Special Topics: HumanitiesCredits: 1-3   

Term Offered: Spring Term

Course Type(s): None

Interdisciplinary topics in the humanities or social sciences, covering specialized areas not generally included in regular course offerings. Subject may vary depending upon student and faculty interests. If a prerequisite is required it will be announced in the course schedule.