Geology (GL)

Course usage information

GL-100   Diamonds, Drilling and Dinosaurs: Introductory GeologyCredits: 3   

Term Offered: All Terms

Course Type(s): NS

Provides comprehensive coverage of the geosciences which spans from the formation of our universe to understanding the physical processes that affect the New Jersey coastline. The principles of geology and earth science are used to demonstrate to the student that the geosciences are involved in every aspect of their daily lives and to make them aware of the role they play in society both economically and physically.

Course usage information

GL-199   Independent Study in GeologyCredits: 3   

Term Offered: Fall Term

Course Type(s): None

Original research work planned and carried out with the assistance of a faculty research advisor. The number of course credits will be arranged with the advisor. Three hours per credit. Prior permission of the directing professor and department chair is required to take this course.