Federal Work Study for Undergraduate Students

This federally funded program provides part-time employment, both on- and off-campus, in a variety of settings to eligible students. Students are compensated at a competitive wage and may work between five and twenty hours per week during the academic year. Earnings for work performed are paid directly to students every two weeks and are not credited toward student charges for tuition, room, board, etc. 

Eligibility and award amounts are based upon demonstrated financial need, in the context of the total amount of financial aid received by the student from all other sources. To be considered for the Federal Work Study program, the student must have filed the FAFSA and meet all eligibility requirements for federal funding. Funding is limited, and priority is given to students who have filed their financial aid application in a timely fashion. Inclusion of Federal Work Study in a student's financial aid package is not a guarantee of employment.

On-Campus Employment

The University offers a limited number of part-time, on-campus jobs to students not eligible for Federal Work Study; these positions are  known as "student help".  To be considered for these positions, students must complete the FAFSA and demonstrate that they are ineligible for Federal Work Study. Students employed in student help positions are also compensated at a competitive wage. Generally, students in this non-need-based employment program are limited to a maximum number of twenty hours per week.

For more information on employment, please call the Student Employment Office at 732-263-5706.