BSN - Bachelor of Science in Nursing - RN to BSN

Major Requirements/Nursing (30 credits)
NU-311Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing3
NU-312Individual Health Assessment3
NU-355Research Methods in Nursing3
NU-360Transcultural Health3
(Satisfies Cultural Diversity (CD)/Global Understanding (GU) in General Education)
NU-365Wisdom, Wellness and Aging3
(Satisfies (Satisfies Cultural Diversity (CD)/Global Understanding (GU) in General Education)
NU-413Community Health Nursing I: Nursing of the Young Family3
(Satisfies Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD) in General Education)
NU-414Community Health Nursing II: Nursing of Communities3
NU-415Community Health Nursing Laboratory3
NU-440Health Policy3
NU-450Nursing for the Future3
Requirements/Lower Division Nursing (30 credits)
Select 30 credits in Nursing (NU) Lower Division Course Work 130
Interdisciplinary Requirements (25 credits)
PY-103Introduction to Psychology3
(Satisfies Social Science (SS.SV) in General Education)
SO-101Introduction to Sociology3
(Satisfies Social Science (SS.SV) in General Education)
BY-107Microbiology in Health and Disease4
BY-111Anatomy and Physiology I4
BY-112Anatomy and Physiology II4
(BY-111 and BY-112 satisfy Natural Science (NS) in General Education)
CE-109Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry4
Select 3 credits of Guided Electives from courses designated with Course Type: NU.EL3
Free Electives (5 credits) 2
Complete up to 5 credits of free electives. 25
General Education Requirements (30 credits) 3
Complete 30 credits as outlined on the General Education table. 330
Total Credits120


  • 54 credits must be completed at the 200 level or higher.
  • In order to be eligible for graduation honors, 57 credits MUST be completed at Monmouth University.

Sequence Chart (Please add 30 credits of lower divison course work to the total below to reach 120 credits)

First Year
EN-101 College Composition I3EN-102 College Composition II3
PY-103 Introduction to Psychology (Gen*Ed Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3CE-109 Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry4
Gen*Ed Mathematics3SO-101 Introduction to Sociology (Gen*Ed Social Science Survey (SS.SV)3
Gen*Ed Technological Literacy (TL)3Gen*Ed World Lanaguage (Please select FS-222, Spanish for Healthcare)3
Semester Credits12Semester Credits13
Second Year
BY-111 Anatomy and Physiology I (Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL)4BY-112 Anatomy and Physiology II (Gen*Ed Natural Science (NS) BY,CE,PH,SC,GL)4
EN-2xx Gen*Ed Literature (LIT)3NU-360 Transcultural Health (Gen*Ed Global Understanding (GU)3
BY-107 Microbiology in Health and Disease4Free Elective2
Semester Credits11Semester Credits9
Third Year
NU-311 Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing (Gen*Ed Writing Intensive (WT)3NU-355 Research Methods in Nursing3
NU-xxx Nursing Guided Elective (Course Type NU.EL)3NU-365 Wisdom, Wellness and Aging3
Free Electives3NU-312 Individual Health Assessment3
Gen*Ed Aesthetics (AT) AR,DA,MU,TH3Gen*Ed Historical Perspectives (HS.SV)3
Semester Credits12Semester Credits12
Fourth Year
NU-413 Community Health Nursing I: Nursing of the Young Family3NU-440 Health Policy3
Gen*Ed Reasoned Oral Discourse (RD)3NU-414 Community Health Nursing II: Nursing of Communities3
NU-440 Health Policy3NU-415 Community Health Nursing Laboratory (Gen*Ed Experiential Education (ExEd)3
 PR-4xx Interdisciplinary Perspectives (ISP)3
Semester Credits9Semester Credits12
Total Credits 90