M.A. in History, World Specialization - Thesis Track

Students interested in pursuing the thesis option must consult with the department before submitting the e-FORM to change their program.

Requirements (6 credits)
HS-501Historical Criticism3
or HS-502 The Philosophy of History
HS-503Introduction to the Study of World History3
World History Specialization (18 credits)
Select 2 History (HS) courses designated with Course Type: HSWLD6
Select 2 World or Non-Western courses designated with Course Types: HSWLD or HSNW 6
Select 2 European History (HS) courses designated with Course Type: HSUS or HSEU6
Thesis (6 credits)
Select 3 credits of History (HS) coursework3
HS-690History Master's Thesis3
HS-THDThesis Defense0
Total Credits30