M.S.N. - School Nursing - Non-Certified School Nurses (NU.SCH.NI.MSN)

Graduate Nursing Core (9 credits)
NU-508Factors Affecting Healthcare 13
NU-512Nursing Research for Advanced Nursing Practice 13
NU-514Data Management for Advanced Nursing Practice 13
School Nursing Concentration (9 credits)
NU-521Pathophysiology and Histology 13
NU-524Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice 13
NU-535Advanced Health Assessment 13
School Nursing Specialty (19 credits)
NU-585School Nursing I 14
NU-586School Nursing II 14
NU-587PPracticum: School Nurse I2
NU-587SSeminar: School Nurse I 12
NU-588PPracticum: School Nurse II2
NU-588SSeminar: School Nurse II 12
HE-584 13
Total Credits37

Bridge Program for Registered Nurses

Registered nurses with a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing can bridge into the MSN program by taking three upper-division undergraduate nursing courses (9 credits) at Monmouth University prior to taking courses in the MSN track of his or her choice. One of the three courses may be waived, at the program director's discretion if the student has already completed a college-level health assessment or an appropriate continuing education course.


  • Students without a BSN may need to complete undergraduate credits in foundation courses.