Forensic Nursing Graduate Certificate (NU.FO.GR.C)

Forensic Concentration (15 credits)
NU-521Pathophysiology and Histology 13
NU-524Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice 13
NU-536Advanced Health Assessment for Forensic Nurses3
NU-543Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychopathology 13
NU-577Forensic Pathology 13
Forensic Nursing Specialty (9 credits)
NU-575Issues in Forensic Nursing 13
NU-576Interpersonal Violence 13
NU-578PForensic Nursing Practicum2
NU-578SForensic Nursing Seminar 11
Select one of the following:0
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
Mediocolegal Death Investigation college level course
Continuing Education course of at least 40 hours
Total Credits24