MAT Initial Certificaton, Spanish or Chinese (K-12 Certification and Subject Endorsement) with Endorsement in English as a Second Language

Requirements (39 credits)
ED-510Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Teaching3
ED-550Teaching English Language Learners in Mainstream Classroom3
ED-529Content Literacy3
EDS-500Foundations of Special Education: Development Across the Lifespan3
EDS-534Classroom Management in Inclusive Settings3
Foreign Language (FO) 500-Level Independent Study3
Education (ED) or Spanish (FS) 500-Level Independent Study3
ED-582World Language Education3
FO-LTIOPIOral Proficiency Interview 10
Spanish (Advanced Low)
Chinese (Interm. High)
ED-563Assessment and Treatment of Literacy Problems3
or ED-536 Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
ED-584Theories and Practice of ESL Instruction Part II3
ED-593Clinical Practice 29
or ED-594 Supervised Clinical Practice
Total Credits39

Sequence Chart

First Year
ED-510 Psychological and Philosophical Foundations of Teaching3ED-529 Content Literacy3
ED-550 Teaching English Language Learners in Mainstream Classroom3EDS-534 Classroom Management in Inclusive Settings3
EDS-500 Foundations of Special Education: Development Across the Lifespan3Education (ED) or Spanish (FS) 500-Level Independent Study13
Semester Credits9Semester Credits9
Second Year
ED-536 Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching3ED-584 Theories and Practice of ESL Instruction Part II3
ED-582 World Language Education3Foreign Language (FO) 500-Level Independent Study3
Semester Credits6Semester Credits6
Third Year
ED-593 Clinical Practice or 5949 
Semester Credits9 
Total Credits 39
  1. Possession of a baccalaureate degree with a satisfactory overall GPA per state requirements and a 3.0 GPA in the undergraduate major.
  2. Two letters of recommendation for graduate study.
  3. Résumé.
  4. Personal statement of not more than two pages that describes your preparation for study in the program and personal objectives for graduate study.
  5. Provide evidence of successfully achieving a minimum score on one of the following tests as a condition of admission to the MAT:
    1. Provide a passing score on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators #5751
    2. Provide an official qualifying score on the SAT, ACT or GRE required for the year in which the exam was taken (see New Jersey Department of Education for details).
  6. Students interested in the MAT Initial Certification K-12 in Chinese must have a degree or thirty approved credits in the Chinese language and culture.

Note:  Prior to student teaching, the appropriate Praxis Test must be successfully completed, and all content course work and/or conditions of acceptance must be satisfied.