MAT Initial Certificaton, Spanish or Chinese (K-12 Certification and Subject Endorsement) with Endorsement in English as a Second Language

Requirements (39 credits)
ED-510Foundations of Education3
ED-550Teaching Diverse Populations3
ED-552Child and Adolescent Development3
ED-529Content Literacy3
FO-599Independent Studies in the Teaching of World Languages3
ED-599Independent Study in Education3
or FS-599 Independent Study in Spanish
ED-582World Language Education3
FO-LTIOPIOral Proficiency Interview 10
Spanish (Advanced Low)
Chinese (Interm. High)
ED-563Assessment and Treatment of Literacy Problems3
or ED-536 Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
ED-606Diversity in Education3
ED-584Theories and Practice of ESL Instruction Part II3
ED-593Clinical Practice 29
or ED-594 Supervised Clinical Practice
Total Credits39

LTI-OPI taken with Language Testing International at


Students must complete the appropriate test requirement(s) with a passing score prior to student/supervised teaching.